The Western Wall

By Romi

When we visited the Old City in Jerusalem one of the religious sites we visited was the Western Wall. Right before we walked into this section of the Jewish Quarter, we went through security because they want to keep the place safe for everyone.

Entrance to security

Entrance to security


Once we were through security, you see three areas. The right side of the wall is just for women and the left side is just men. Behind this is a larger area where people can stand and watch if they don’t go up to the wall.

Men's section

Men’s section

Women's section

Women’s section

What I saw at the wall was people praying and chanting, putting their heads on the wall, and sitting reading the Torah. Many people have a small slip of paper with a prayer or hope written on it. They put the paper into a crack in the wall as they are praying. Some have fallen out onto the ground.

Noah and Caleb putting a note in the wall

Noah and Caleb putting a note in the wall

Before I went to the Western Wall, I had some questions like: 1) who built it? 2) why did they build it? 3) why is it so important? Here are some answers. King Herod built the wall to surround the Second Temple and it is all that is left. The Jews believe it is the holiest place and the closest place to God.


  1. Romi,
    Great information and wonderful experience for your family.

  2. Oh, Romi! What would we do without you? Thanks for keeping us up to date with your travels through such interesting and descriptive stories.

  3. Thanks for the post and pictures what a great experience this sounds like.

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