By Caleb

When we were planning our time in Barcelona, one thing I really wanted to do was see a FC Barcelona match.  My dad and I bought tickets way back in November and after many months of waiting, the big day finally arrived. To get to the game we first had to take the subway across town. We got there so early that they weren’t even letting people in yet (there were loads of people waiting to get in). That gave me time to buy a jersey and a scarf.

Picking up some FC  Barcelona swag

Picking up some FC
Barcelona swag before the game

Entrance to the stadium

Entrance to the stadium

We got to our seats so early that they were still watering the field so we walked around the stadium. Barcelona played Real Sociedad that night and for majority of the game Barcelona had the ball and was basically in control. Barcelona won 2-0 with two goals in the second half including a bicycle kick by Pedro.

Early arrival

Still not many fans at the stadium


Watching the game in Barcelona was much different then watching a game in the U.S. During the game people are cheering, but mostly for specific things like a good play or a bad call. At the games in the U.S. there is usually constant cheering and noise. During the entire Barcelona game everyone stayed seated and concentrated on the game. At the games in the U.S. there are so many distractions and people are always moving around the stadium.

A full stadium ready for a match!

A full stadium ready for a match!

I prefer the Spanish way of watching soccer because it is much more about the game than anything else. My dad and I watched another FC Barcelona game in a bar and it was the same feeling of focus and concentration. In Spain watching sports is an important community experience. On game nights all the bars and restaurants are packed and you can hear cheering and yelling across the neighborhood.



    June 13, 2015 at 5:03 am

    Hi Caleb! An FC Barcelona game!! How awesome! Anna was excited for you and perhaps a little envious since soccer is a LARGE part of her life. I like your commentary on how the Spanish fans are SERIOUS and FOCUSED spectators. It’s good to experience how sports fans in other countries appreciate their national game. I’ve been following your family adventure and I gotta say it again…. It and you guys are AWESOME!!

  2. It is awesome that you got to go to a game there. I have been to soccer games but was so long ago I do not remember it. However I know when I go to other sporting events here in NJ it seems like everyone is focused on the food at the stadium. So that was be nice being at a game where the fans are serious and focused on the game.

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